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Embrace your kid’s ability for self-discovery.

ABC Learning Center is here to help your child develop cognitively, creatively, physically, socially, and emotionally through play, Christ-centered educational curriculum, and quality affordable services.

We provide children with language-rich activities. They will work with crayons, markers, paint, blocks, and other manipulative activities. They have self-selected playtime activities in the centers of their choosing. They learn the personal responsibilities of learning to share, taking turns, and being kind to their neighbors and friends. Students also receive developmentally appropriate character education as well as exposure to foundational truths of the Christian faith.

Our programs include:


  • Paid monthly
  • Varies by ages
  • Includes breakfast, lunch, afternoon snacks


Infant (8 weeks) – PreK


Abeka / Between the Lions
MS Early Learning Guidelines
MS Early Learning Standards for 3s and 4s

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